Dental patient robot “HANAKO2 SHOWA”
Showa University and tmsuk introduces the dental patient robot “Hanako2 Showa”.
“Hanako 2” has achieved more humanized performances than previous model. It is more users friendly and highly functioned.
She looks like a live actual woman with some behaviors.
Furthermore it becomes easier to change the parts as teeth and mucous membrane.
It means less maintenance and long durability.

Dental patient robot “HANAKO2 SHOWA”

“DENTAROID” is the official brand name of HANAKO & HANAKO 2 produced by tmsuk.
Please see distributor’s site , if you are interested in purchasing DENTAROID.
NISSIN is the world wide distributor of DENTAROID except Japan and Saudi Arabia.


Dental patient robot “HANAKO SHOWA”
Showa University and tmsuk introduces the dental patient robot. Nowadays, it is very important to keep the high quality and safety of medical treatment so that more advanced clinical abilities can be mastered and it is necessary to evaluate clinical ability of medical student objectively. Now Showa University and tmsuk have just completed the third generation robot for dental patient model cooperatively and the patient robot has been used for ability examination in which the dental treatment was performed as in the actual situation. All of 88 students have treated the patient robot which reacts as real human patient and have studied how to avoid faulty operations and have competed for accurate dental care. This is the first examination in the world and biggest scale ever. Attendants from foreign medical universities have admired the result of robotics examination at the demonstration. There may be the first practical use of humanoid robot in the world and it will boost growing of robot industry by the proof of Showa University while contributing to advanced medical & dental training.

Dental patient robot “HANAKO SHOWA”


Universal vehicle “RODEM”

“RODEM” has been developed for the aging society and declining number of children in the 21st Century and it is a quite new product breaking preconceived idea enabling everyone to live in better conditions. “Reach anywhere you want to go more freely” is the basic concept and “RODEM” allows users to move widely in the daily life and to achieve higher level of life. “RODEM” is the new category of vehicle that provides aged and disabled people the opportunity to enhance their situation. Veda Center announces that a new category of Universal Vehicle will be accepted in Japan and in the world quite soon.

Universal vehicle “RODEM”

New security robot “T-34”

Tmsuk Co.,Ltd. and Alacom Co.,Ltd. have co-developed the new security robot which is controlled by cellular phone.
Tmsuk focused on easy installation for security system without making internal LAN system where robot works by itself or no need to make special control system.
T-34 is quipped with net launcher which catches dubious character when he is found by T-34 for preventing of crime.
Tmsuk and Alacom started this project supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry which has promoted introducing self moving robot into security system during 2006-2007.

New security robot “T-34”


While integrating tele-communication with robotics technology, Tmsuk proceeds to realize 3 D communication.
In order to create the next generation robot market, Tmsuk takes leadership in domestic /global network of robotics business.
Communication robot in shopping center is very popular with visitors and it promotes sales and media exposure including overseas media.

Real shopping test of “TMUSK-4” operated by cellular phone

TMSUK-4 which was developed as humanoid robot controlled by wireless LAN in 1999 is innovated in operated by cellular phone.
It allows people to control TMSUK-4 from anywhere in the world.
Tmsuk examined real shopping test under the actual situation where customer stays at home. TMSUK-4 went to department store located 2km far from home and customer enjoyed to operate TMSUK-4 by cellular phone while watching real time visual in shop and talking with saleslady.
Success of this test were exposed by many media to all over the world.

Market Creating Union for Next Generation Robot has established in Japan

First in the world “Tmsuk-4” went real-shopping controlled by cellular phone.

In shop promotion robot “T2-5”

Tmsuk produced “T2-5” in-shop promotion robot for Aeon Mall FUKUOKA “Lucle”.
“T2-5” is equipped with QR code reader which can recognize each person and it makes possible to communicate with shop customer privately like as calling customer’s name, or like as celebrating customer’s birthday.
“T2-5” is equipped with not only QR code reader but also visual projector with speaker which plays any promotion commercial film or entertainment visual movie for in shop promotion.
This is the first case for retail business in the world that in-shop promotion / communication robot works in daily life at the shopping mall while waiting on customer and entertaining in the event.

Shop promotion robot “T2-5 RUKURU” launched.


There are often earthquake in Japan and several disasters in the world.
Tmsuk has been focusing to develop rescue robots which act as a substitute of fireman where it is danger for human at the stricken area.
Remote control rescue robot helps rescue activity more efficiently and saves secondary disaster.
Tmsuk also has been developing security robot which reacts by newly developed sensor.
Global giant Microsoft targets robotics market and Tmsuk has signed the collaborated study with Microsoft.
Advanced robotics technology got global interesting.
2 legs flagship “KIYOMORI” attended “WIRED Next Fest2007”, advanced technology fair in Los angels. Walking demonstration of KIYOMORI was on-aired at ABC news in USA and it made sensation all over the world.

New rescue robot “T-53 ENRYU” launched

The new rescue robot T53 Enryu was produced for rescue work at disastrous places where rescue workers cannot go into. T53 is the 3rd generation tmsuk rescue robot. It is a successor technology of T52 Enryu in 2004. tmsuk has worked closely with national fire department to develop T53, which thus has been embedded with much desired functions.
T53 is made more compact than the previous rescue machines. It has maximized maneuverability for emergency operations. Furthermore, the synchronous robot arm systems have sophisticated motion control capabilities of operators.

New rescue robot “T-53 ENRYU”

2 legs flagship “KIYOMORI” attended “WIRED Next Fest2007”, advanced technology fair in Los angels.

T-53enryu participated in recovery efforts during the earthquake in Kashiwazaki City ,Niigata.


Tmsuk has developed variety of robots supported by the national project.
These robots showed high performance at the public test and it proved the advanced R&D level of Tmsuk.
New field for robot service was found at hospital.
Tmsuk produced 1 receptionist robot and 2 guidance robots for private hospital.
It’s the first case to introduce service robot into hospital in the world.
These robots support nurse work and the hospital won the reputation in their area.
To celebrate “Bordeaux Wine Festa” where Fukuoka city took place city promotion as the sister city, KIYOMORI showed walking performance and toasted with Mayor of Bordeaux and with guests from many European countries.

Produced receptionist & guidance robots for Aizu central hospital.

Aizu Chuo Hospital of Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima has introduced one receptionist robot and two guide robots. This is the first time in the world for guide and receptionist robots to be used at a private hospital. It carries on a security camera to check around the hospital.
Guide robot
The robot can guide a visitor to a nearby elevator and carry baggage on its arm. If the power of the battery is low, it will recharge by returning automatically to a battery charger
Receptionist robot
If a visitor to the hospital touches the panel on the robot body, or speaks to it, it will display directions on any surface from a projector in the robot’s head, or make a printout from a printer in the robot’s hand, and hand it to the visitor. Speech recognition also supports the Aizu dialect.

Produced receptionist & guidance robots for Aizu central hospital.

2 legs walking robot “WL-16R III” on which people can ride walked around outside.


In 2005, TMSUK produced two robots that were displayed and used at the AICHI EXPO 2005. The outdoor security and information robot, Mujiro Rigurio and a new type of life-saving robot, the Pre-hospital Care Robot.
A humanoid, two-legged walking robot, Shinpo, was unveiled.
Roborior, a domestic surveillance robot was produced and a limited number of 3,000 units were put on the market.
Home security robot “Roborior” which had been announced in 2004 were begun to sell at department store and at other channels in nation wide.
2 legs flagship robot “KIYOMORI” with the pelvises similar to human body were launched.
“KIYOMORI” prayed God at Munakata-taisha, famous shrine to wish the growth of robot industry and safely drive.

R/ Outdoor security and information robot –MUJIRO RIGURIO

From day one, this robot worked tirelessly and extensively for all the 185 days of the AICHI EXPO 2005.
Its technology is basically modeled on the ARTEMIS T63 produced in 2004.
It is a state-of-the-art robot equipped with extremely advanced features such as, highly precise GPS, an object-sensitive sensor, an image recognition function, a wall-penetrating human detector, amongst a host of others.
It’s most amazing feature is its seven jointed hands that are usually concealed (for safety) within its body.
These come out to handle and dispose of any suspicious or dangerous items.

R/ Outdoor security and information robot –MUJIRO RIGURIO

S/ Humanoid Two-legged Walking Robot- SHINPO

This robot was developed on order from the Niigata Prefecture Hall of Natural Science where it is now on permanent exhibition.
Using the rotation of the human pelvis and the free movement of leg-joints as a model,
we finally succeeded in making a robot that can walk without bending its knees- a first in this field. An almost humanlike walking style was achieved.
The robot is able to move its wrists and fingers independently three fashion allowing it to play the Japanese game of Janken which requires clenching of the fist and formation of the peace sign.

S/ Humanoid Two-legged Walking Robot- SHINPO

T/ A new type of life-saving robot: PRE-HOSPITAL CARE ROBOT

This new prototype robot was developed specifically for the AICHI EXPO 2005 in collaboration with Kyushu University.
Visitors to the EXPO who felt ill, were able to utilize this robot to get medical assistance at the theme parks and public facilities that were hard to get to by ambulance..
This experimental robot immediately relays information to hospitals and first-aid rooms as soon as someone sits it. Then it, automatically, takes readings of the vital signs like, taking the pulse, measuring blood pressure, heart beat rate and blood oxygen.
In emergencies, doctors can administer first- aid by giving instructions directly to the robot or through a speaker and microphone system to bystanders.

T/ A new type of life-saving robot: PRE-HOSPITAL CARE ROBOT

Samurai style with 2 legs walking robot “KIYOMORI” debut.

KIYOMORI was born to lead Japanese robots in their quest to set the world standard and its position as the flagship of the new robot civilization.
It can execute a wide range of natural looking actions due to an incredible number of 39 joints within its frame, and bend and stretch its knees when walking. It can also sit and stand.

Samurai style with 2 legs walking robot “KIYOMORI”

Home security robot “roborior” was launched into major market as the first mass product.

ROBORIOR’s name is derived from “Robot” and “Interior”.
It has digital camera, infrared sensors and videophone capability to notify you of intruders while you are away from home.
It can be remote controlled with a FOMA phone, sense break-ins using infrared sensors and notify homeowners by calling their cell phones and sending video from its camera.

Home security robot “roborior”


There happened big earthquake and international dispute around the world.
People expected more safe society and it grow security and rescue business.
Tmsuk developed security robot and the biggest model of rescue robot.
Advanced concept of this field created great sensation in the world.

The largest rescue robot “T-52 ENRYU” launched.
“T-52 ENRYU” was developed as a large-scale rescue robot for use at disaster sites.
“T-52 ENRYU” is one of the world’s largest rescue robots, measures approximately 3.45 m in height and 2.4 m in width and weighs 5 ton. Each arm, having eight joints, can lift 500 kg (1 ton with both arms).
It is operated in two modes: one by an operator riding in the robot and the other by remote operation by master-slave control and joystick control for perilous situations in which rescuers cannot gain access to victims because of the risk of secondary disaster.

The largest rescue robot “T-52 ENRYU”

Security and guidance robot “ARTEMIS” launched.

T63 ARTEMIS was developed in 2003 for new type security machines at public space and commercial buildings.
T63 can move programmed routes inside buildings independently due to its advanced automatic control systems. It pushes elevator buttons to use elevators. T63 can help security company business. When the robot detects emergency signals from its fire-sensors and human detection sensors, it sends alarm signals to security office. Security officers are then given robotic control to operate surveillance work from remote place. T63 maximum running hour is approx 8 hours with battery changes.
Furthermore, T63 is functioned with other capabilities. It can shoot off color balls to intruders for evidential marking. It can also blast off mist steam to block intruders’ visions.

Security and guidance robot “ARTEMIS”


The second working prototype of Patrol and Monitor robot which was developed as a successor to QC-SR was made public for the first time at ROBODEX2003. Banryu-T73S were developed for sale in a limited quantity of 50.

L/ Practical Patrol and Monitor Robot [T62K]

This robot was produced smaller, with overall height of 157cm, than QC-SR, in consideration of affinity with ambient surrounding. The moving speed is also improved.

L/ Practical Patrol and Monitor Robot [T62K]

M/ Home Utility Robot, Banryu for Limited Sale [Banryu-T73S]

The sensor in Banryu detects any aberrance such as intruders, noise, odor, temperature, etc in an empty house and reports it to a mobile phone of the house owner. The owner can remotely control the robot, looking the real time image on a videophone on PHS. The organized system including mechanical maintenance and support service, training programs, insurance and financing is established through cooperation from Sanyo Electric and Omron groups. Banryu-T73S is a robot which can be used at home at practical level.

M/ Home Utility Robot, Banryu for Limited Sale [Banryu-T73S]


A prototype robot, produced by the consortium mainly participated by tmsuk, Kitakyushu National College of Technology and Kyushu Institute of Technology,
was introduced at REGTEC2002. The first prototype of home robot [Banryu] that can be operated by a mobile phone was developed. The second prototype Banryu was made public at Todofuken Kaikan, Tokyo. Tmsuk and Takanishi Laboratory, Science and Engineering, Waseda University made the concept of biped walking robot, and Takanishi Laboratory designed and produced the practical walking robot with two legs [WL-15R].

H/ Practical Patrol and Monitor Robot [QC-SR]

This robot automatically goes on patrol in a building, and, in an emergency, can be remote-controlled to fire-fight in early stage.

H/ Practical Patrol and Monitor Robot [QC-SR]

I/ Home Utility Robot, the first Banryu [Banryu T7S]

Two types of this robot were developed; one walks quietly with a stable posture like a lizard, and the other walks dynamically like an animal. The dynamic walk type was developed with support from Takanishi Laboratory, Waseda University. This robot can be remote-controlled by voice like “Go ahead”and “Turn left-about”through videophone on FOMA, the third generation cellular phone.

L/ Practical Patrol and Monitor Robot [T62K]
M/ Home Utility Robot, Banryu for Limited Sale [Banryu-T73S]

I/ Home Utility Robot, the first Banryu [Banryu T7S]

J/ Home Utility Robot, the second Banryu [Banryu T72S]

Compared to the prototype of T72S, the speed increased from 3m/min. to 15m/min. It can go over dumps of about 10cm. It also has an “odor detecting sensor”, which was newly and jointly developed with Kanazawa Institute of Technology and New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.

J/ Home Utility Robot, the second Banryu [Banryu T72S]

K/ Practical Biped Walking Robot [WL-15R] (developed in July 2002)

Unlike the existing biped walking robots, it adopts the mechanism of parallel link, which is like combined cylinders. Therefore, it is more stable and can move quickly.
Further research and development is currently undertaken to make the robot climb a stairway and carry things weighing 60 to 90kg.

K/ Practical Biped Walking Robot [WL-15R] (developed in July 2002)


TMSUK04-2 was introduced at the robot exhibition held at Nagashima Resort.
We sold a remote-operated robot that portrays the goldfish lantern, the famous handicraft of Yanai city, to a museum of Yanai, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

F/ TMSUK04-2, a Remote-controlled Robot Traveling Non Leveling Grounds

We remodeled TMSUK4 adding 6 buggy tires plus innovative suspension system, so that it can go over dumps of about 20cm and work on non leveling grounds.

F/ TMSUK04-2, a Remote-controlled Robot Traveling Non Leveling Grounds

G/ High Tech Goldfish Lantern [KINGYO], a Symbol Robot

Its eyes (eyelids), fins (arms) and tailfin are movable. The robot is equipped with DVD and you can put out information on its mouth, using the liquid-crystal display monitor. It is displayed in festivals and events as a new symbol of Yanai city.

G/ High Tech Goldfish Lantern [KINGYO], a Symbol Robot


tmsuk Co., LTD. was established.

TMSUK-5 was introduced at ROBODEX2000 held at Pacifico, Yokohama.

E/ TMSUK-5, a Hydraulically-driven, and Remote-controlled Giant Robot

With the overall height of 2.5m and overall width of 1.8m, TMSUK-5 is a large-scale concept model to replace people in inapproachable construction and disaster sites. Its arms are driven by water based hydraulic cylinder, which was adopted for the first time anywhere, and we considered to be much more environmentally friendly than the conventional water based ones. It uses the power from the gasoline engine to travel.

E/ TMSUK-5, a Hydraulically-driven, and Remote-controlled Giant Robot


Upon acceptance of subsidy for promoting small business in Fukuoka, we completed to develop TMSUK-4, humanoid super-remote-controlled robot in October, 1999, together with a well-operated and highly portable controller.

D/ TMSUK-4, a Remote-controlled Robot

TMSUK-4 has 27 degrees of freedom, and can be operated from a much more sophisticated control module. We have made 15 of these robots, and sold 11 to universities and research institutes where motivation is currently being investigated.

D/ TMSUK-4, a Remote-controlled Robot


We succeeded in operating TMSUK-3 remotely using PHS (Personal Handyphone System) technology between Tokyo and Fukuoka.

C/ TMSUK-3 was the world’s first experiment robot controlled remotely by use of PHS network.

It can be controlled by a keyboard or joystick, looking the image on a PC monitor screen which is transmitted from the CCD camera attached to the head of the robot. You can also converse with the robot using a microphone and a speaker.

C/ TMSUK-3 was the world’s first experiment robot controlled remotely by use of PHS network.


We produced TMSUK-1 in order to replace a receptionist, however, it resulted in higher cost than the personnel cost. This attracted the public attention, and we received orders of receptionist robots. We started to develop TMSUK-2 and established Robot Laboratory to start robotic research and development in full swing.

A/ TMSUK-1, a Receptionist Robot

TMSUK-1 is active in the entrance hall of Thames. It welcomes a customer, and guides him or her to a department requested. After guiding, it goes back to the original position and stands by while being recharged. When a customer leaves, it sends him or her off, saying “Thanks for coming. Hope to see you soon”.

A/ TMSUK-1, a Receptionist Robot

B/ TMSUK-2, a Robot with Voice Recognition and Converse Technologies

We added voice-recognition function to command 35 patterns of speeches into TMSUK-1 with the reception feature. TMSUK-2 is a unique robot with a Kansai accent. When asked for tea, it tells you, “Just a minute!”and brings you tea served on a tray. It also talks like “How cold!”, when the temperature drops, and “Mighty hungry.”when its battery is low.

B/ TMSUK-2, a Robot with Voice Recognition and Converse Technologies


Thames, a predecessor of tmsuk and a manufacturer of food processing machinery and plant, embarked on robotic research and development, rebuilding its organization as a R&D company, followed by its successful development of the world’s first detachable belt conveyor.