New Product Introduction

Train with humanoids
to save lives.


Pedia_Roid is a pediatric patient-type robot that can realistically simulate the jittery movements of a child who is reluctant to receive treatment, or a sudden change in medical condition.
It was developed in response to the fact that there are few opportunities for clinical training for children in the field of medical education.
It can reproduce in detail the expression of emotions such anxiety, fear and resistance, changes in facial color, pupils, and breathing sounds.In addition to dental treatment, the system can be used for training in various fields of pediatric medicine, including emergency care.
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Function introduction

Introduction of Main Functions

Pedia_Roid Systemic function
  • 01Mouth and Speech

    • Greetings, and Emotional expressions (feeling pain, crying, etc.)
    • Mouth movements (opening and closing, sneezing, coughing, vomiting reflex)
    • Tongue movements (back and forth, left and right)
    It is possible to cut teeth, and replace them one by one.It has a speech function for conversations during treatment (Language available in Japanese, Chinese, and English).
    Mouth and Speech
    Mouth and Speech
  • 02Body

    • Body movements (writhing, flapping both arms and legs).
    • Convulsions (tonic spasms, clonic spasms).
    • Exhausted (whole body).
    You can hold down the rampant limbs and perform therapeutic training closer to practice.
  • 03Face / Head

    • Change in facial color (pallor, flushing).
    • Changes in facial expression (reluctance).
    • Head movement (up and down, left and right).
    Face / Head
    Face / Head
  • 04Eyes

    • Eye movement (up and down, left and right).
    • Opening and closing of the eyelids.
    • Pupil Movement (mydriasis, constriction, counter-reflex).
  • 05Chest

    • ”Up and down” movements in response to breathing, breath sounds(e.g., wheezing).
    • Labored breathing (depressed breathing), auscultation of lung sounds.
    • CPR (chest compressions), auscultation of heart sounds.
  • 06Arms

    • Blood collection (intravenous injection from the back of the hand).
    • CRT (capillary refill test).
    • Pulse sensing.
    • Measurement of blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation (monitor display).


It will be useful for various social contributions.

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Children’s lives
Safety and Security

Point6 image

It is also applied to emergency lifesaving for people who have difficulty expressing their symptoms such as people with disabilities, or the elderly.

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Dissemination and improvement of emergency life-saving techniques in rural areas and developing countries through remote control.

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Dissemination of knowledge in initial response to children’s illnesses and accidents in daily life.

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Standardization of practical tests in medical and dental national licensing examinations

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Children’s lives
Safety and Security

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Dissemination of clinical education that avoids the risk of infectious diseases.

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Provides a foundation for the development and popularization of humanoid robots.

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Reduce the workload of instructors and allow students to learn various cases repeatedly.

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Introducing Japan’s robot technology to the world.


Technical Specifications

name Pedia_Roid
size Height: 110 cm Weight: 23 Kg Full body model (assuming age 5-6 years)
Material Silicon
Degrees of freedom Head, Mouth, Tongue, Eyelids, Eyes, Pupils, Arms, Legs, Pulse, Chest. Total: 24 degrees of freedom.
Movements Whole body movement to avoid dental treatments.
Unexpected shaking of the head, sneezing, coughing, and vomiting in anticipation of pain.
Various systemic state changes during treatment (pulse, respiration, complexion).
Other Conversation (speech)
In the mouth, a model of the teeth can be cut.
Intravenous injection (blood collection) is possible on the back of the hand, CPR (chest compressions), and CRT (capillary refill test) are also possible.
Operation method Wireless operation from PC or tablet.



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