Release | Autonomous nursing care robot “SOWAN” now available for sales

tmsuk Co., Ltd. and Takayama Shoji co., Ltd., has developed an autonomous nursing care robot “SOWAN”, which can perform patrols in nursing care facilities, rush in the event of an abnormality, and provide information notification. Orders will be accepted by Takayama shoji on November 18, 2019 (Monday).

SOWAN is an autonomous nursing care robot that takes care of patrols, rushes in the event of abnormalities, and informs information at nursing care sites that require a 24-hour response.

★ Reduce the burden on the care staff at night

★ Equipped with advanced technologies such as automatic driving, collision avoidance, face recognition, etc.

★ Offer basic package plan at low price 

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SOWAN press release (Japanese)

Press release

A savior appears in the care industry!
Workers with an hourly wage of 88 yen
Release of the autonomous nursing care robot “SOWAN”

– Orders begin for autonomous robots for patrol, watching and rushing from November 18 –

Takayama Shoji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi, CEO: Kenji Takayama) and tmsuk Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Munakata, Fukuoka, CEO: Yoichi Takamoto) have developed a the autonomous nursing care robot “SOWAN” Co-developed.It can perform patrols in nursing care facilities, watching over, rushing in case of abnormalities, notification of information, etc. Orders will be accepted from November 18, 2019 (Monday) at Takayama Shoji.

Nursing care sites that require 24-hour support.
Especially during the night hours, many employees are often forced to perform various tasks with a small number of staff members, which places a heavy burden on the duty shift staff. In addition, the shortage of human resources in the nursing care industry is serious, and it is expected that the super-aging society will continue to advance in the near future, which will result in a shortage of approximately 377,000 as of 2025 (* 1). The need for is increasing.

That is why the automatic nursing care robot “SOWAN” was born, which is responsible for patrolling, watching, urgent rush, information notification, etc. If the pulse rate becomes abnormal, SOWAN will rush to the room as instructed by the equipment, tell the situation to the staff via video, and keep a record. When SOWAN finds a wandering person during a patrol, it recognizes the individual and calls out.

SOWAN is a robot that has been repeatedly verified in residential-type nursing homes operated by an affiliated company of Takayama Shoji. And now, we provide the necessary functions at a low price as a package plan. By introducing it to nursing care facilities, it reduces the burden on care staff and provides users and their families with peace of mind.

* Based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Estimated Supply and Demand for Care Workers for 2025 (Fixed Value)”


◆Supports heavy night work

Patrol around nursing homes while watching daily health. I will rush quickly in case of abnormality.

◆Advanced technologies

High-precision automatic patrol and collision avoidance with a 360-degree sensor. Equipped with face recognition technology to recognize individuals.

◆Easy installation at low cost

We provide basic plans with necessary goods and services packaged at low prices. There are many options to meet individual needs.

<Main functions>

1.Auto patrol

Patrol from a fixed place at a fixed time, quietly avoiding obstacles. Equipped with the latest “LiDAR (* 1)” (360-degree omnidirectional sensor) that is also used for automatic driving of cars. High-precision patrol is realized by “SLAM (* 2)” technology that simultaneously performs self-location estimation and map creation from information acquired from sensors.

2. Automatically records the pulse in conjunction with the activity meter

Pulse information is sent to the server from the activity meter (wearable device) worn on the user’s arm and monitored continuously. The record can be checked on the tablet device in the room and the administrator terminal.

3. Emergency automatic rush

If the pulse value exceeds the set value, SOWAN will automatically rush to the room in response to the dispatch instruction from the server and start recording video as soon as it enters the room. Staff can check the video remotely and have a real-time conversation with the user through the robot.

4. Automatic sliding door system “Portair”

A system that can easily turn a conventional sliding door into an automatic door. The door is automatically opened and closed by communication with the robot, allowing the robot to enter and exit the room independently.

* Normally, it can also be used as a manual sliding door.

5. Recognition of registrants and call out (optional)

If SOWAN finds a pre-registered person, such as a wanderer with dementia, during a patrol, it will identify the individual and call out to return to his/her room. The text can be changed according to the time of day.

6. Automatic charging (optional)

When the battery voltage of the SOWAN is low, it automatically returns to the charging station and resumes patrol when charging is completed.

7. Falling person detection / report (optional)

If you find someone who has fallen, you will be alerted to staff.

* It is also possible to adopt after introducing the robot.


Sowan body can be selected from two types. (* Function is the same)

  • Name: Model number / size
    SOWAN typeⅠ (approx.) W 400 × D 400 × H1365mm
    SOWAN typeⅡ (approx.) W 400 × D 400 × H1 360mm
  • Weight: (approx.) 60kg (including battery)
  • Sensor: 360-degree omnidirectional LiDAR x 1, RGB camera x 1
  • Communication: Wi-Fi / mobile network communication (LTE)
  • Battery: Battery sealed lead storage battery (24V 40Ah)
  • Charging time: about 7 hours
  • Operating time: about 20 hours
  • Travel speed: patrol about 0.9km / h
  • Wheels: solid tires
  • Camera: (approx.) 1.3 megapixel night vision
  • Others: Speaker x 1, Microphone x 1

* Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

<Rate plan> Basic plan

  • Lease fee (5 years amortized): 88 yen / hour (66,000 yen / month excluding tax)
  • Set content:
    -Sowan body x 1 + Sowan control PC x 1
    -Automatic sliding door opening / closing device “Portair” x 10
    -Portair installation cost
    -Activity meter x 10 + Tablet device x 10
    -Management smartphone x 1
    -Activity amount display PC x 1
  • Release date: Monday, November 18, 2019
    (* Start accepting orders on the official website of SOWAN)

* Internet access is required for use. Wi-Fi installation work is required, or a separate contract for mobile network communication (LTE) that does not require installation is required.

* The basic plan described is an example. Options can be added if desired.

<SOWAN Official Homepage>

Information about this product can also be found on the following website.

<Role of each company>

Takayama Shoji: Planning and sales of SOWAN
tmsuk: Development and manufacture of SOWAN

* The information in the press release is as of the release date. Please note that it may change afterwards.