Release | Joint press conference and demonstration on new tourism using RODEM in Marunouchi, Tokyo

tmsuk Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, CEO: Yoichi Takamoto)  conducted a public road demonstration experiment for tourists using the next-generation smart mobility “RODEM”, with NTT DOCOMO, Inc., Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi jisho Sekkei Inc., in the Marunouchi area from March 18 (Mon) to March 22 (Fri), 2019.

In this demonstration experiment, visitors to the Marunouchi area get on the new type of personal mobility “RODEM” that rides in a forward leaning position, and travel around while getting around tourist information.

tmsuk aims to share “RODEM”, which allows easy short-distance travel, throughout the city and use it as a new means of transportation for the last mile.

We are also conducting research and development for autonomous driving on the sidewalk of Rodem at the same time. We will work on the goal of social implementation by 2020, utilizing the development results of various robots.

<Press Release (Japanese)>

<Report of demonstration experiment>

On March 18, the first day of the verification test, a joint press conference was held at NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsubishi Estate Design, and tmsuk. As a special guest, comedian “Maple Chogokin” was also on stage.

Q & A by representatives of each company

Mr. Takeshi Saito of NTT DOCOMO, Inc. has high expectations, “As long as I’m very happy to be experimenting in a beautiful place like Marunouchi. The Marunouchi area values ​​the scenery and has few signs. We hope you enjoy the sights of Marunouchi through navigation. ”

Mr. Hiroshi Sano of Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. said “I would like to communicate innovation in the Marunouchi area, where many companies gather, together with startup companies that will lead the future of Japan. In the future, we will work on the theme of “moving in the city” while conducting various initiatives. “

Mr. Kenichi Yasuda of Mitsubishi Jisho SekkeiEstate Inc. said “The classically dressed character that appears in the navigation, “Mambo” tells us about the architectural appeal of the Marunouchi area. Please listen to his explanation and discover new pleasures in Marunouchi. ”

Mr. Yoichi Takamoto of tmsuk Co., Ltd. talked about the potential of smart mobility “It’s a five-day limited test ride event, but we want many people to ride and experience the transportation of the city we dream of in the future. We would like to work on a “rideable smartphone” that can share, support multiple languages, and make payments.”

tmsuk CEO Yoichi Motomoto talking about the future of RODEM

Kaz Laser Excited: “It’s Fun to Operate Like a Game Controller!” For the First “RODEM” Experience

Kaz Laser, who had been perfectly operational in a five-minute lecture before the event, said with excitement “It’s intuitively intuitive and easy to use! It’s fun to play like a game, so I want many people to experience it.”

Kaz Laser, who saw the staff remotely control “RODEM”, showed immediate willingness to purchase RODEM, “It’s incredibly convenient to do it with a smartphone! If I can customize it, I would like to change the color of the car body to champagne gold!”

Natsu Ando, ​​a motorcycle lover who has acquired a large motorcycle license, praised RODEM “The shape is so round and so cute”

Finally, she put expectations on RODEM “With the spread of smart mobility, Marunouchi will become a more enjoyable spot for tourist. I want as many people as possible to experience RODEM and discover new charms in Marunouchi. ” The event was finished when Kaz Laser left on “RODEM” with excitement until the end.

<Outline of demonstration experiment>

  • Date and time
    March 18 (Mon)-March 22 (Fri), 2019 10: 00-17: 00 (18:30 14: 30-17: 00)
  • Departure / arrival location
    March 18 (Mon)-March 19 (Tue), 2019 Marunouchi Building 1F Maru Cube

    March 20 (Wed)-March 22 (Fri) 2019 New Tokyo Building 1F JNTO TIC
  • Purpose
    Improve the satisfaction of tourists in the Marunouchi area with the appeal of advanced technology. Capture tourism demand and evaluate the acceptability of migration support services.
  • Service contents
    Ride the “RODEM” and travel around the Marunouchi area while providing various types of migration support services using the attached tablet.

RODEM ride experience indoors (2 days from March 18 to March 19)

Experience riding at a special booth on the 1st floor of Marunouchi Building. Visitors also experienced remote control using a smartphone.

RODEM ride experience / AR spot information on Nakadori street

Travel freely around the city on RODEM. Even in places where there are few signboards in consideration of the scenery, you can discover the charm of a new city by spot guidance using AR. It also has a multilingual translation function, so foreign visitors to Japan can enjoy sightseeing and history beyond the language barrier.

Cashless experience in a kitchen car on RODEM

Take a RODEM to the kitchen car in Nakadori street, and experience cashless settlement. People who experienced were presented with a snack of the kitchen car.

Gallery tour

A stamp rally on Marunouchi Street Gallery on RODEM. You can enjoy art while watching the explanation of the work on AR.

History tour

Take a ride on RODEM and tour the historical buildings and sights in the Marunouchi area, and guide the history through video, audio, and interactive formats. It is a history experience tour to deepen the understanding of Marunouchi. English and Japanese are supported.

<About RODEM>

One-seater next-generation smart mobility that makes you feel bright and enjoyable just by riding. It is possible to move at the same eye level as a pedestrian. Intuitive operation and easy turning make it easy to change directions in tight spaces.

RODEM promotion movie

[Special specification for experiment]

  • Suspension: Running smoothly on outdoor roads
  • Distance sensor: Automatically stops when an obstacle is detected
  • Tablet: Supports tourist information, multilingual translation, etc.
  • Drive recorder / back monitor (1 unit only)

Name / Model No .: RODEM (Rodem) / Outdoor model for public road (sidewalk) (M651 base)

Size : W 690mm ×L 1,000mm ×H 1,070mm (Seat height: 785mm)

* Classification under the Road Traffic Law in Japan is a “pedestrian” as a walking assist vehicle using a motor.

Past demonstration experiments
RODEM demonstration in Arashiyama, Kyoto