Release | Delivered the first production model “RODEM” to Kusatsu General Hospital

tmsuk delivered the first smart mobility “RODEM” of mass production indoor model to Kusatsu General Hospital, Social Medical Corporation Seikoukai on August 28, 2018 (Tue).

RODEM is a universally designed smart mobility that enables smooth transfer. Depending on the user’s wishes, sometimes a single unit plays a role as a robot, sometimes as a mobility, sometimes as a wheelchair.

Kusatsu General Hospital was introduced to meet the needs of people who can sit but cannot walk and want to move on their own. It is easy to get on and off, has a wider range of life, and allows you to talk with a walking person from the same perspective. In the future, it is expected to contribute to the independence support of care recipients and to reduce the burden on caregivers.

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About “RODEM”

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