Release | Home security & communication robot “SHELL-KEY” concept model released

The concept model of “SHELL-KEY”, a home security & communication robot for which tmsuk was in charge of manufacturing, has been released by ROBICS Co., Ltd.

“SHELL-KEY” is a home robot that combines all functions such as home security, disaster prevention and communication. It was born as a good living partner to protect people from uneasy living environment such as online crime, fraud in aging society with declining birthrate and frequent natural disasters.

We will proceed with further development, such as enhancement of optional functions.


・Home security
Crime prevention (home security system, family only phone), remote monitoring from smartphone.

・Disaster prevention
Useful as an information source in emergency situations such as earthquakes and typhoons (Radio, TV, light, portable battery)

Videophone (for families)

<Main functions>

  • Security
    If an abnormality is detected at your home while you are away, it will call the registered phone number.
  • Watch
    Remote operation is possible from a smartphone when you are out. It can be walked on four legs and can see 360 ​​degrees in the room.
  • Radio
    Wide FM / AM radio, community broadcasting, emergency alert broadcasting(Broadcast that is performed by automatically turning on the standby TV or radio when a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake occurs)
  • Portable battery
    In the event of a disaster, smartphones and other devices can be charged from the USB slot.
  • LED light
    Emergency light in case of disaster.
  • TV(*)
  • Videophone
    Make and receive videophone calls to registered numbers.
  • Emergency call button (*)
    In the event of an emergency, simply press the button to contact all registered phone numbers at once.

(*)= This function will be installed in the product version.