Pediatric patients Robot「Pedia_Roid」

tmsuk co.,Ltd. has developed the robot that can reproduce the real movement of pediatric patients, 「Pedia_Roid」

We focus on the fact that there is very few opportunity of clinical training. Many people doesn’t know about the risk of child medical treatment, sometimes it causes fatal accident.

  There are a lot of differences between children and adults, for example, flapping hands and legs constantly and refusal of medical treatment.

  It is also very important to adopt to sudden changes in condition, 「Pedia_Roid」can contribute to the medical education, this is world’s first attempt.

◆Press release

<Technical Specifications>

A total of 24 movements, including head, mouth, tongue, eyelids, eyeball, pupil, hand, leg, pulse, breast, etc.

◆Flapping hands and legs constantly, refusal of medical reatment. 

◆Unexpected neck swing, sneeze, cough, vomiting. 

◆Whole body changes (pulse, breath, face complexion) 


◆Tooth models  can be cut.  

◆Intravenous injection, Heart massage, blanch test.

We will expand our human simulator project into the medical field.   

Our mission is social contribution for pediatric medicine by using our unique technology