Mr. Henk B. Rogers visited our company

We welcomed Henk B. Rogers’s team, the man who introduced the world-famous game “Tetris “ to the world, at tmsuk head office in Kyoto.


He is a game creator, founder of “The Tetris Company, Inc. (TTC) and a promoter of renewable energy.


In 2023, the movie “Tetris” based on Henk’s true story is releasing on Apple TV now.





We introduced tmsuk named “WORKROID” not an industrial robot and also not a

communication robot…but working robot at hazardous sites and in industries where manpower shortages.


He seemed like have a great interest our WORKROID “SPD1” spider robot and “Pedia Roid” pediatric patient robot.


Thank you for riding our RODEM .
We hope you enjoyed this next generation mobility !

Thank you for coming to our company.