Release | RODEM linked with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Experiments for automated driving in Kyoto

tmsuk conducted a demonstration test at Keihanna Gakken City as part of the research on automated driving of sidewalk mobility. We verified the link between next-generation smart mobility “RODEM” and traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

RODEM is a new mobility (personal mobility) that can be easily moved short distances. We aim to use it as a means of transportation for the “last one mile” of short distances from stations and parking lots to destinations. In July 2018, we conducted a demonstration experiment in Arashiyama, Kyoto, assuming a sharing business for tourists. In the fall of the same year, a RODEM experience session was held in a large commercial facility. We are actively working on the practical application of services.

This research will enable RODEM to determine the situation at the site and to travel to the destination on the optimal route, just like a person looking at a map and judging various situations each time.

In the future, we will promote the creation of an automatic driving mechanism and research on automatic charging. When it reaches its destination, it determines where RODEM is not enough and returns to the charging station unmanned

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[Outline of demonstration experiment]

 March 5 (Tue), 2019

 Public road near Keihanna Gakken City

 Verification of cooperation between RODEM and traffic lights / pedestrian crossings (Part of research for automatic driving)